Black Jobs Matter Jobs Events solves Corporate Diversity Hiring Failing Grade by producing jobs

It’s certainly true that corporations have recently become more transparent in reporting information about their diversity results. Overall, corporate diversity hiring efforts can only be given an F grade. In fact, one study assessed over 600 companies, and only 3% were rated excellent in their diversity performance.

Top 10 Actions For Dramatically Improving Diversity Hiring Results | Black Jobs Matter

Contribute to Black Jobs Matter’s efforts to fix corporate diversity recruiting programs that are so broken that there are literally dozens of areas for improvement. On the other hand, the businesslike actions in diversity recruiting and hiring had the greatest impact are those which also included additional skills that people needed to succeed. Most of these business-oriented actions rely on data in their implementation.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, the recent Black Lives Matter protests have increased public awareness of the importance of diversity in our communities. That impression should be reinforced in the business world. As a result, now is an excellent opportunity for corporate executives to recommit to diversity hiring. Naturally, because everyone is watching, but also because of the compelling business case for diversity’s positive impact on business results and innovation. To have a reasonable chance of achieving the necessary and desired diversity hiring results, executives must realize that the current corporate diversity recruiting process will need to be completely deconstructed.  Let us collaborate to permanently resolve this issue of diversity hiring by creating jobs within communities that African Americans can obtain easily via information technology training, trucking, business ownership and leadership to expand their household wealth and build strong communities. In 1968 after the riots Bobby Kennedy said “I agree, I think that we have to make sure that people have jobs”. Injustice plus Time does not equal Justice.  Let’s join together and solve this problem!